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About us was founded in 2011 to commercialize the ANTLR Yggdrasil approach to rapid development of language processors. The original intent was for to primarily be a consulting operation; that changed with the discovery of two significant technologies: 1.) the discovery of algorithms to transform programs into a form in which all available parallelism is represented in a compiler intermediate form and 2.) linear GLL recognition. As a result, we grew more focused on intellectual property and commercial products. Our first commercial product will be a version of ANTLR Yggdrasil incorporating linear GLL and subroutine graphs; that will be followed with a line of parallelizing compilers for commonly used high level languages.

Our Founder

Dr. Loring Craymer has been involved with parallel computing since the late ‘80’s, most recently as “Productivity Maven” for the DoD Advanced Computing Systems program. He has pursued the use of formal language processing technology for its potential to provide rapid solutions for complex software problems, including tool support for large-scale development efforts. was founded to commercialize and advance the technology he has developed.