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A new dawn for software tools

Rapid Application Development comes to Compiler Construction

ANTLR Yggdrasil introduces revolutionary capabilities

Yggdrasil attribute model and mapping grammars

ANTLR Yggdrasil grammars map input streams to output data structures (including output text) through grammar annotation and strongly typed data attributes that map to target language datatypes.


Grammar generation

Enables rapid development of multi-pass language processors

StringTemplate compiler

Strong typing and code generation supports a highly portable template language that currently supports Java and C++.

Linear GLL recognition

What happens when you apply graph analytics to language recognition, and then add PEG-style ambiguity resolution? You end up with very fast parsers for even difficult languages.

Separation of Concerns

Grammar development is independent of target language. Develop a grammar, then annotate for attribute decoration and output mappings, then worry about template development and application code.

Graph grammars and subroutine graphs

Easy to use support for graph-based optimization.
Not available in early access releases.

Fast & friendly support

We offer personalized email support when you need help.